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Keeping It Simple

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The humorous story that follows is one that I have cherished for a long time. I am not saying that it really happened, but then again, I am not saying that it didn’t either!

A man and his wife were traveling home from a vacation when they came through a town where all the residents were having a huge yard sale. Since they were suckers for yard sales they felt compelled to stop. True to form, they found some bargains “they just couldn’t live without.” The problem was they had spent all their cash while vacationing and only had enough left to get them home.

The man told his wife, “No problem, we’ll just run down here to a local bank and get them to cash a check.” She replied, “That won’t work because there is no branch of our bank in this town.”

Well, he should have listened- - but he didn’t. So he finds a bank and goes in only to learn that they will not cash his out-of-town check. A little irritated he drives on to another bank only to discover they will not cash an out-of-town check either. Now he is very irritated and drives to yet a third bank. This time he goes in and does not ask but rudely demands that the cashier cash his check. It so happens that the cashier was having a bad morning and wasn’t in “the customer is always right” mood. So, when he had made his rude demand she just leaned over the counter and slapped his jaws with all her might!

The man returned to his car (rather red-faced) and reported to his wife, “You know, honey, the banks around here will not cash an out-of-town check.” Being a little put out by the whole ordeal she answered, “You knuckle-head, two other banks already told you that! Why are you just now figuring this out?” “Well, it’s like this,” he said, “the other two didn’t explain it the way this one did!”

Why is it so hard for some to understand simple things? This guy proves that a lot of it has to do with the disposition of our mind. Too often we want things the way we think they should be. 

This applies to spiritual matters, too. The way of salvation was never intended to be a difficult matter (cf. Isaiah 35:8). Yet, often it has been made complicated due to our own distorted way of thinking. Thus, the lesson for each of us should be to take the Bible simply for what it says- - and then simply obey it (Hebrews 5:9).  

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