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Directions and Connections

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A few years ago it was hard for me to imagine what it would be like to be a grandparent. It was not that I struggled with being that old; I just could not picture myself in that role. However, once the first grandchild came along, I adapted quickly. Other grandchildren have followed and I love every minute of being a grandfather! I am learning a lot, too.

For example, I remember when my grandson, Drew, (who was five at the time) and I were assembling a little tent we had bought for him to play in while at our house. It was supposed to be “easily assembled” because it said so right on the box. Yet, I learned long ago with my own kids that in most cases that statement is blatant false advertising.

Well, to make a long story short, the assembly was not going very well. The patience of a five-year-old was running out and my frustration level was running high. When he saw where this project was headed he looked at me and in a serious tone asked, “Did you read the connections?” I know he meant “directions,” but it translated just as well, if not even better. (And “no” I had not read them!)

As I have since thought about his words on numerous occasions, I cannot help but think of a spiritual application. First of all, much of the Bible is a book of Divine direction. Numerous passages are devoted to instructions of how to become a Christian; how to live successfully as a Christian; how to worship acceptably, etc. (cf. 2 Timothy 3:16, 17; 2 Peter 1:3). As someone cleverly pointed out the word “BIBLE” makes a good acronym for Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. But we must read them- - and we must heed them!

Also, in addition to directions, the Bible also provides “connections.” It tells us of our origin (Genesis 1, 2). It tells us of our purpose for being here (Ecclesiastes 12:13). Further, it even tells us of our destiny (John 5:28, 29). Mankind has always wanted to know about these matters and the inspired Word enables us to make the connections. But we must read them and believe them!

Perhaps your life is not going so well. Maybe your patience is running out and your frustration level is running high. If so, be advised that the Bible holds the key to better things. It will give you direction and help you make the right connections. But- - you must read it- - and follow it!

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