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“It’ll Be Alright”

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Macmillan defines “compassion” as “a feeling of sympathy for someone who is in a bad situation because you understand and care about them.” To have and show compassion toward others is a wonderful quality. To receive compassion is also a blessing indeed!

Some years ago my wife witnessed a beautiful example of how compassion is played out in real life. It was just before school started and our daughter had to get her mandatory shots before enrollment. As it normally is with kids (and sometimes adults!) getting a shot is not something to look forward to- - but kind of necessary evil. So my wife and daughter trekked down to the local clinic.

There were several other parents there with their children for the same reason. Just in front of my wife and daughter in line were a brother and sister that were not-so-anxiously awaiting their turn. When the time came the little boy reluctantly climbed up on the table and tried to be brave, but the tears began to flow. As he started to cry, his sister stepped near him, patted him on the leg and kindly consoled, “It’ll be alright.”

After his shot he continued to cry as he slid off the table. Then reality set in on his sister that it was now her turn. When she got up on the table, she could not contain her feelings either. So as her tears began to flow, her brother then stepped near her, patted her leg and comforted her with the same words, “It’ll be alright.”

When her shot was over she quickly hopped off the table and the two youngsters embraced each other and cried together for a moment. Then the two of them walked away with their arms around each other. That is compassion!

Several times during the life of Jesus, Scripture makes note of His compassion towards individuals in various situations. We read that sometimes His compassion was aroused because of their hunger; sometimes it was due to their sicknesses and at other times He was moved by the state of their spiritual well-being (cf. Mark 1:41; 6:34; 8:2).

You and I need to remember that God has not changed! He is still just as loving and compassionate now as ever. The Bible teaches, “the Lord is very compassionate” (James 5:11) and He “sympathizes with our weaknesses” (Hebrews 4:15).

So, regardless of our circumstances, as long as we keep our faith in the Lord we can take comfort that one day, truly, “It’ll be alright”!

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