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Case Number One: A Christian lady is burdened with grief over the death of a husband of a life-long friend. The man, only in his early thirties, was killed in an accident, leaving his wife and small children.

Because of the distraught and shocked condition of the young widow the lot fell upon the Christian lady to take the eight year old daughter to the funeral home and accompany her to the funeral service.

The little girl kept asking, “Did daddy go to heaven?” “He never did go to church.” They tried to explain to her that we do not judge, but no answer seemed to satisfy. Soon she was heard asking the same question of someone else. Deep within her innocent little heart was the gnawing realization that her Daddy’s life was not filled with those things that give hope at death.

Case Number Two: A Christian man’s father passed away in another town. Even though he had not seen him in some time due to a stormy relationship, he still was his Dad, so he went back for the funeral.

Later, he recalls the funeral and confessed that he cried during the service. “Why?” he asked. “Maybe I wept because of what could have been.”
His dad was an alcoholic. Drinking, carousing and having what the world calls “a good time” was more important to his dad than anything else. Consequently, he missed out on the real joys of life. He never knew the joys of being involved in the lives of his children. Neither did he ever know the thrill of grandchildren sitting on his lap and saying, “Granddaddy, I love you very much.”
Above are examples of fathers not to be imitated. If you find yourself headed down the same road, it’s time to turn around!

Fathers, you are tremendously important to your families! Live a life that would be an example for any child to follow. Your children are looking to you for guidance. Please don’t let them down!
While the responsibilities of fatherhood are multi-faceted, the heart of it is found in these words: “Fathers, do not provoke your children to wrath, but bring them up in the training and admonition of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4).