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A Virtuous Woman

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Since it is only one day away, let me go ahead and say, “Happy Mother’s Day” - to all who fit that description. A mother is truly a unique creation of God and she should never underestimate the power she wields over her children. This is just as true with her spiritual influence as in all other areas. The following story from the Vietnam War era drives this truth home.

One evening, during the war, some of the soldiers were issued a pass to go into one of the friendly towns for relaxation from battle. Boasts were being made among some of the young men as to how they were going to “paint the town” and “drink the place dry,” etc. It was during this boasting that one of the men decided not to go. Thus, the others began to question him and asked why he had changed his mind about “partying” with them.

“Well fellows,” he answered, “you know that I am far from perfect, but as you were talking my mind drifted back home. You see, tonight is mid-week Bible study in middle Tennessee and my mother will be there as usual. And I know that she will request the prayers of the Church for me and my safety. Knowing that, my conscience will allow me to do anything for which my mother would be ashamed. So, you will just have to go on without me.”

How telling this story is! What a powerful force a praying mother (or father) can be! When I see moms and dads wringing their hands and worrying about their children’s welfare, I often think of parents like the mother in middle Tennessee whose example and prayer made a world of difference. Of course, this does not mean that prayer will automatically assure a right choice in every situation, but it is a major step in the right direction.

You might be a good parent, but you will never be the best that you can be until you get your spiritual priorities in order. The wise man wrote of such a woman saying, “Her worth is far above rubies” and that “her children rise up and call her blessed” (Proverbs 31:10, 28).

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