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A Quick-Fix World

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How did we ever make it in days without microwave ovens? If you use yours like we do, then it sees a lot more action than the conventional one. But more than what it is capable of doing, it has become a symbol of our lifestyle. We want everything fast these days. We no longer want the regular of anything- - we want the express!

Of course, there is nothing wrong with wanting a speedy solution if such is possible; however, we need to realize that a quick-fix is not always available or even desirable for every situation. Let me illustrate my point with this story from David McCasland. As he was driving into town one day he came upon a stalled car at an intersection. The hood was up and the woman who was driving it flagged him down.

He stopped and asked how he could help. “I can’t get my car to start, but if you will jiggle the wire on the battery I think it will work” she said. When McCasland grabbed the cable to the positive terminal it came off in his hand. “You’re right- - and I can fix it if you have some tools,” he instructed. “Well, my husband says to just jiggle the wire and it always works, so why don’t you just try that?” she answered.

He explained, “Ma’am, if I jiggle the wire, you are going to need someone else to do it every time you shut the engine off. If you’ll just give me two minutes and a wrench, we can solve the problem and you can forget about it.” So, reluctantly, she fumbled around under the seat and happened to find an adjustable wrench which he used for a permanent solution.

In principle, this scenario is often repeated- - even in spiritual matters. Some people find themselves stalled or in trouble so they duck into a church service or offer a quick prayer basically asking God to “jiggle the wire.” Perhaps they are aware they need a permanent solution, but are unwilling to commit themselves to it. 

However, let us be advised that God is not in the “jiggling” business. He is willing and able to solve life’s problems, but we must be willing and patient subjects to let Him do His work (cf. Isaiah 40:31).

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