What’s Your Soul Worth?

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You might recall a rather bizarre thing happening on eBay back in 2001. There was a University of Washington student by the name of “Adam Burtle” that put his soul up for sale on the auction site. It was listed under the heading, “20 yr-old Seattle boy’s SOUL, hardly used. Please realize, I make no warranties as to the condition of the soul. As of now, it is near mint condition, with only minor scratches….”

Not only was it listed, but it actually received bids. They were less than $10 at first, but then a woman in Des Moines, Iowa won the bid in the final hour for $400! Burtle later admitted that he did as a joke. However, at that time, the young man was also was a self-proclaimed atheist so he apparently did not put any value on his soul anyway.

Thinking about this incident, regardless of the motive (or even the possibility on eBay), I could not help but ponder the very idea of someone selling their soul. To even consider such a thing would surely demonstrate a gross misunderstanding of a soul’s value- - even as a joke.

Jesus made it clear that there is nothing more valuable than our soul. In illustrating this truth He raised these penetrating questions: “For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses His own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for His soul?” (Matthew 16:26).

Reflect for a moment on the Lord’s questions. As to the first one, suppose we were to gain control of all things in this world. If we could acquire all the money, power and pleasure the world has to offer for the price of our soul for the short years we live here on earth, what is that compared to eternity? If it causes us to be lost eternally, how could it possibly be worth it? To honestly answer Jesus’ question we have to say, “There is no profit.”

In response to the second question, “What will a man give in exchange for his soul?” We will never have the resources to “buy” nor the authority to “demand” the return of our soul, thus leaving us helpless and hopeless to exchange anything for it. Hence, our answer to this question would have to be, “There is nothing.”

So, by far our soul is our most valuable possession. May we never be foolish enough to sell it! May we be wise enough to prepare it to one day be with God!