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No Hidden Message

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Like most folks who do email, I get all kinds of information and solicitations sent my way.  Some I enjoy and find useful; others not so much so. Then there are a few that get deleted before they are ever read.

I have received several emails recently about a matter that was just too intriguing to overlook. It is titled, “The Matthew 4 Cancer Protocol.” Now, let me say up front that I have not read all the details, but I think I have read enough to tell me all I need to know.

Here is the skinny of this “protocol.” A claim has been made that there is a hidden message within chapter four of Matthew that has recently been discovered that is the cure for cancer. Oh, and I might add, it has to come from the King James translation of the Bible. In order to tap into this “discovery” you have to order a copy of the book, etc.

Several observations come to mind, but let me mention just a couple. I will begin by saying that finding a cure for cancer would be a discovery of discoveries. Who has not been adversely affected either personally or through someone that you love by this horrible disease? Perhaps the desperation of wanting a cure makes a claim like the one that is being made all the more appealing- - but not necessarily true.

Secondly, the Bible is the greatest book of all. I believe it to be a revelation of God to man containing not only the means of salvation, but also the wisest advice man can know. However, to say that there are “hidden messages” in the Bible violates its own claim. For example, through His word, God has “given us all things that pertain to life and Godliness” (2 Peter 1:3). Since it is God’s will to reveal these things to us, surely He would not shroud them in a code that took centuries to break!

While we may not find a cure for cancer in the Bible, we can find a cure for the spiritual disease of sin- - which is worse than all cancers put together (Romans 6:23). The prescription is easily found and it works for everyone! On top of that, Jesus even makes house calls! “Behold I stand at the door and knock” (Revelation 3:20).

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