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Three Of The Greatest Gifts

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When I say the word “Christmas,” what thoughts come to your mind? I think for most of us they are warm feelings of delight, because to us the holiday season really is “the most wonderful time of the year.” This year will obviously have a little different look and feel. After all, it is 2020! But it will be okay. Someday things will change. But until then, like the song says, “We’ll have to muddle through somehow.”

About this time every year I hear someone bemoan that they wished they had more so that they could give more. I am sure what they mean is having more material things. But the truth is,we all have the ability to give the best gifts and they involve little money and often none at all. So, let me share with you three of the greatest gifts anyone can ever give.

1. Giveyourselfaway! While a monetary gift is sometimes needed; the gift of a smile or word of encouragement is always needed (cf. Proverbs 25:11). Further, the gift of our time can usually satisfy the greatest of human needs.

2. Giveagifttosomeonereallyinneed. One Christmas some friends of ours, who are financially well off, focused on helping some people they knew who were in dire straits. (cf. James 2:5). He confided in me later that it was the best Christmas he personally ever had.

3. SharewithsomeonetheGoodNewsofJesusChrist! “Go tell it on the mountains, over the hills and everywhere…” not only that Jesus Christ was born, but that He died for our sins and was resurrected so that we can all have the opportunity of forgiveness and the great hope of eternal life in heaven (cf. Matthew 28: 19, 20).

So, may your Christmas be merry and bright and all well with you and yours. But also may we remember these greatest gifts- - not only during the holiday season- - but throughout the New Year!

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