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Are You An Alien?

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Kids sure say some funny things. Some of you will remember the old Art Linkletter Show where Art talked with young kids about various topics. He intentionally asked them “adult” questions and they would give their “kid” answers. Their answers were not scripted; it was just kids being kids. The result was one of the funniest shows on TV. 

Many times kids are not even trying to be funny, but they slay us because they just call them as they see them. For example, a few years ago my wife and I went out one Friday night to enjoy the music at the Killen Founder’s Day celebration. We were there for a few hours listening to the different bands play. For part of that time, my wife was accompanied by a little girl whom she had taught during her preschool teaching days.

The youngster was so precious as she sat and listened, apparently enjoying the entertainment as much as anyone else. The last band to play that night was a bluegrass band. Apparently our little guest not acquainted with this style of music. After listening to the first two songs with a great deal of amusement she turned and asked, “Miss Judi, what country are they from?”

That was not a slam against bluegrass music. It was just that she noticed a marked difference between their type of music compared to the bands before them- - a difference I am sure bluegrass fans would proudly claim.

That incident brought to mind that there is a world of difference in a lot of things. Consider for a moment the lives we choose to live. Peter wrote of those who lived a worldly life of “lewdness, drunkenness, revelries, drinking parties, and abominable idolatries” (cf. 1 Peter 4:3). He then went on to show that there is a marked difference between their lives and the lives of Christians. Those that live as the world lives, Peter continues, “think it strange that you [Christians] do not run in the same flood of dissipation [as they do], speaking evil of you” (I Peter 4:4).

In other words, after observing Christians’ lives, people of the world might ask, “What country are you from?” If such a question is raised, Peter teaches that it is no slam to Christians. After all, Christians are just “pilgrims and sojourners” on earth- - not permanent residents (I Peter 2:11). As someone shrewdly observed, “Christians are nothing less than ‘resident aliens’ in this world.

The Christian’s course of life is different from many due to the fact that he or she is walking in the steps of Jesus (I Peter 1:13f). That being true, it is a difference we proudly claim!

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