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Reset Button

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Several years ago we decided to go the satellite route for our television signal feed. We have been reasonably happy with it, although there are many occasions when I think we would be better off without TV at all. But then I remember how much I like college football and… excuse me, I digress.

Not long after we had the system installed I discovered that satellite signals and thunderstorms do not get along very well. So, one of the first storms that came along created a peculiar situation that I was unsure how to remedy. The picture was stuck on one frame as if you had put the program on pause. Yet, the sound track continued on in real time. So, we could hear a show, but could only stare at a still picture- - which was not good.

When I came to the conclusion that it would not correct itself, I was getting ready to call customer service. Then I remembered a piece of advice the installer had offered. He pointed to a “reset” button on the front of the receiver and noted that most problems that arise could be fixed by pushing that button. Hence, I gave it a try and within a couple of minutes we were back in business again.

Thinking back on that experience I am reminded of how it often parallels our lives. The storms of life can sometimes disrupt our service for the Lord. And somewhat like my TV experience, we can talk in “real time” without a glitch about what we need or ought to do, but our “action mode” is on pause. So many people I talk with say “We are ready to get back in church where we know we belong” or “We are ready to turn over a new leaf in our walk with the Lord.” But somehow they cannot seem to get those words translated into achievement- - which is not good.

Therefore, rather than waiting for the problem to correct itself, we need to be searching for our “reset button” that corrects our life so that it matches our words. But don’t just locate it; follow through by using it immediately! The Bible never encourages procrastination, but it does encourage prompt action. Note Paul’s emphasis on this matter, “Behold now is the accepted time; behold, today is the day of salvation” (2 Corinthians 6:2).

Thankfully we serve the “God of a second chance.” He graciously allows us to repent, reset and start again (cf. 2 Peter 3:9).

So, how is your life looking?

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