Getting To The Real Issue

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Recently I had the opportunity to listen in on a conversation about gun violence in our schools. Without question, this is an emotional issue and we are all saddened and disturbed by these incidences that are becoming more and more frequent. 

This discussion was not a “think tank” for solutions, but more of an everyday conversation of concerned citizens and parents. One person gave his support to teachers being armed to better protect the students and themselves. Yet another spokesman said that we should have stricter laws for those who purchase guns. Still another argued for outlawing guns altogether.

This is not the first conversation I have heard about school security and similar issues. And there is no doubt that we would all like to see these and all acts of violence come to an end immediately.

As far as the value of the above suggestions, you can make your own judgment. However, it appears to me that most of the proposals offered deal only with the symptoms and do not reach to the real problem.

So what is the real problem? From my perspective, it is a morality issue. Where in this discussion are we considering the breakdown of home and family and its effects on our young people? And should there not be considerable thought given to progressively removing God from our school system over the years? (For example, the Supreme Court decisions of Engle v. Vitale and Abington School District v. Schempp).

Think with me for a moment. I remember well turning on the TV on April 20, 1999 and learning of the school massacre of Columbine High School. It was not the first school shooting, but the one that brought this problem to the fore. I also recall that during the chaos the President of the United States on national television calling on all Americans to pray for the people of the Columbine tragedy, which was a good thing.

However, the irony struck me then- - as still does today- - that America was asked to do what effectively could not be done inside the school a few hours before! One fact is certain from Bible and secular history, which is, you cannot take God out of anything without paying a price. Solomon penned, “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people” (Proverbs 18:34).

Of course, it is easier to deal with symptoms by imposing new regulations and laws. But if we want to tackle the real issue then we will go to the Prince of Peace and follow His regulations and laws.