Once In A Blue Moon

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I hope you got to see the “Super Blue-Blood Moon” last week. It was an interesting phenomenon that had not occurred in over 150 years. To be honest, I had never heard of a “Super Blue-Blood Moon” until it became so highly publicized through the media. Of course, that made me not want to feel left out, so I put watching it high on my “Don’t miss!” list.

All this hoopla about the moon got me thinking about different expressions we use that include the moon. Here are a few familiar ones. When we have a deep love for someone we claim to “love them to the moon and back.” When we have a deep appreciation for someone “we think they hung the moon.” Politicians in their campaign speeches are accused of “promising the moon.” And the list goes on and on, but the one I would like to consider here for a moment is “Once in a blue moon.”

Technically, a “Blue Moon” is most commonly defined as two full-moons occurring within the same month. That does not happen often, in fact, there will only be two this year. Hence the expression “once in a blue moon” is used as “something that happens very seldom or on rare occasions.” There may be some things we do “once in a blue moon” that ought to happen more frequently.

For some folks, attending church services is something they do “once in a blue moon.” Unfortunately, this is not a new problem, but one that dates all the way back to the first century church. Hence we find the Hebrews writer warning Christians to “Not forsake the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some…” (Hebrews 10:25). “Once in a blue moon” worship shows a serious deficiency of spiritual priorities and lack of commitment to the Lordship of Christ. Worship should be a frequent and vital part of our lives!

Thinking about some other “once in a blue moon” infractions, here are some thoughts we ought to consider. Husbands, how often do you tell your wife you love her and all the ways she makes your house a home? Wives, how often do you tell your husband how much you love him and that you appreciate what he does in supporting the family? Parents, when is the last time you told your child how proud you are of them? Child, when is the last time you told your parents you appreciate all they do for you?

If “once in a blue moon” is your answer, it is time to make some changes. And these changes are sure to send them (and you) “over the moon!”