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What Do You Do On A Snow Day?

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As I write this we are having a “snow day.” We do not get too many of these in this part of the country, so when we do, it can be kind of a big deal. My wife had gone to the grocery store a couple of days before, so we were well-stocked with milk and bread. I have never quite understood the “milk and bread necessity” when it snows, but it made us feel prepared anyway.

So, what is one supposed to do on a snow day? Of course, for some professions there is no such luxury, but for others there is. For me personally, I can do a lot of my work from home (like write articles), so it does not interrupt my day completely. But I still took some time to enjoy this special day.

While this is not an exhaustive list, here are a few “snow day possibilities.” First, just enjoy it as one of God’s wonders. God once asked Job, “Have you entered the treasury of snow?” (Job 38:22). There are a few things we know about snow, but plenty we do not. But if we observe just the beauty alone then we receive a blessing. How often do we get to see our surroundings being blanketed with this treasure from God’s storehouse?

For Christians, seeing a snowfall can serve as a great reminder of the forgiveness from God. When we behold this brilliant purity of white we should remember God’s comforting words, “Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow…” (Isaiah 1:18). Thus, I spent a portion of my day thanking God for the wonder of His creation as well as the beauty of His forgiveness through Jesus.

Snow Days can also be a natural set-up for great family time. When our kids were at home, we always built snowmen, had snowball battles, made snow cream, slid off hills, took hikes, Now that the kids are grown and gone, my wife and I do not do those things so much. But we did watch a movie together, which is kind of a rarity for us. It was nice not to feel the pressure of having to be somewhere or meeting a deadline.

Finally, I got to take a guiltless nap! Oh, I like to work and stay busy. But every now and then a nap is in order. Even Jesus occasionally gave His apostles a “snow day” (Luke 9:10).

We could go on, but hopefully the point has been made. What should do on a snow day? Enjoy it- - and thank God for it!

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