Foreign Mission Works

Elders: Tim Ashley, Doyle McDonald 
Deacons: B.W. Gibbons, Norman Holladay, Wayne Orr

“To seek and save the lost” (Luke 19:10)


Albania – Killen has been involved in this work in Korce since 1995. The church in Maryville, TN oversees this work. Killen provides partial support for Kevin and Allison Morrill and Albert Cepia. The Morrills are leaving Korce at the end of 2014. Killen will continue the support of Albert Cepia. More information may be found at:


Pacific Island

  • Randy English and his family have been in the Pacific for 20 yrs. They have done a marvelous job and have touched many lives, including many of us at Killen. They are actively involved in an exciting new radio work which will spread the gospel to the entire South Pacific. More information may be found at:!updates
  • Rocco Pierce works with the radio and teaching programs in the South Pacific. Killen will be the sponsoring congregation for Rocco and Debbie starting in January His website is
  • Norman Holladay is our resident deacon at the Gaither Mountain Radio site.!faq

Nigeria- Benin City

  • John Inetianbor – Killen provides full support for Brother Inetianbor, a native of Nigeria. John preaches and follows up on our Bible Correspondence Course students to teach and convert them. The work continues to be very successful.
  • Doug Wheeler – Brother Wheeler, missionary in residence of the Westside Church of Christ in Norman, Oklahoma has been our eyes and ears in Nigeria for several years. He travels to Nigeria each year to train preachers and gives us an update on the work there. More information is available at


  • Subin Panboon - Killen assists in the literature program directed by Subin which has proven to be a good means of teaching the Gospel in Thailand. Richard Taylor and John Henry at the Salem Church of Christ are contacts for this work.


  • Chris Taylor - The Southwest Church of Christ in Jonesboro Arkansas provides the oversight of Chris’s work. Killen provides a part of his support. Chris works to build local congregations by teaching men to be leaders at the local level in their respective towns and villages in Panama. Chris is the son to our sister Shirley Owens.


  • Eric Jones - Eric preaches and teaches in the Philippines. He lives there with his wife, Madeline, and his baby daughter, Princess. He had been self-supporting, but after losing all their house and possessions in the typhoon of 2013, Killen has resumed some support until they can get back to fully supporting themselves.

Other Mission Work

  • Weekly Newspaper Article by Stan Dean – This article is printed weekly on Saturday in the local newspaper. Each article is carefully designed to teach a great Bible lesson. 
  • CDs of sermons – Copies of sermons are distributed in local businesses and are being picked up consistently by local shoppers. Kim Sanders and Tracy Nunley assist with distribution and placement of these CDs.
  • Web site – All sermons are being made available for listening and downloading through the church web site. This makes the message available anywhere in the world at any time for those having Internet access. The Internet address is 
  • Special requests – Killen has received and evaluated many requests for support of worthwhile needs. Because of your generosity a number of requests were honored in 2013. We expect to continue participation in these works as worthwhile opportunities are presented.
  • Short term works of our members – Many of our members will spend this year in both stateside and foreign works. There will be a group of our members going to Christmas Island in June. 
  • Genesis of America Project – Development of the Genesis of America documentary has been completed by Blue Lantern Productions and distribution to over 26 states was completed in 2009. Work continues on getting this program on national TV.