Mission Works in the United States

Elders: Tim Ashley, Doyle McDonald
Deacons: B.W. Gibbons, Norman Holladay, Wayne Orr

“To seek and save the lost” (Luke 19:10)


Georgetown, Kentucky - Killen assisted in establishing a congregation in Georgetown in 1979 and has continually supported the work since that time. The congregation has grown to the point that they have assumed the oversight of the minister. Currently, we share in helping them pay for their building along with the Mars Hill congregation in Florence.

Tylertown, Mississippi – We continue to support Shun Evans, a preacher from Jackson, Mississippi. Attendance is between 40-50 at this time.
Melvin Whitlock – Melvin works with the Westside Church of Christ in Leighton and Killen will be providing some support for him. Killen also provides air time on radio station WMXV 101.5 FM. The spots are aired Wednesday through Saturday at various times during these days.

U N A Christian Student Center (Danny Pettus) – Killen along with other congregations in this area, have been involved in the support of this work for many years. Under the able direction of Danny Pettus it continues to have a very positive influence on the lives of the many young men and women who participate in the activities of the Student Center. Jim Smith serves on the Board of Directors.

Northwest Shoals Christian Student Group – A Christian Student Group for the Northwest Shoals Community College continues to grow. This effort began in 2008 and is called “Patriots for Christ”. Tom Carter and Jordan Hamner have been very active in this effort. The Tuscumbia Church of Christ leads this work.

Good News Network – The Good News Network provides Bible teaching over the Internet 24 hours a day with live and pre-recorded sermons, acapella music, and recorded lessons. This is an exciting and wonderful method of reaching and teaching millions of people in every part of the world (Mark 15:15). The internet address is www.good-news- network.org.

New mission site – We have decided to dedicate the funds reserved for the new mission site toward support of Rogers City Church of Christ in Rogers City, Michigan. The Atlanta, Michigan Church of Christ sponsors this work. We will be providing support for the minister there, Dale DuVerney.

Pacific Broadcast Network - The use of the 1st Sunday contribution in July will go to Pacific Broadcast Network (Gaither Mountain transmission facility)